Members of the New York Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club are drawn from the larger New York Metropolitan area and New Jersey and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors a short distance from Manhattan in Harriman State Park.

Nawakwa is nestled on the shores of Lake Sebago, the largest lake in Harriman State Park. The rustic main cabin can accommodate 50 people for meals and social activities; in addition, there are 6 sleeping cabins, some with comfortable new beds, and numerous tent sites. A large swim dock, swimming area, and floating platform make for great swimming in Lake Sebago. Members have access to a boating fleet which includes kayaks, canoes, two rowboats, and a sailboat.

On any given weekend members of the chapter have a range of activities to choose from, including easy to challenging hikes, swimming, and boating.

         Membership in the New York Chapter:

This entitles you to all of the benefits of the parent ADK organization, participation in the events of the New York Chapter (announced via the quarterly Trail Marker newsletter), and guest privileges at Camp Nawakwa on hosted weekends during the year. The annual membership cost is currently $35-$55 depending on type (student, individual, family or senior).

To apply for standard membership, visit the ADK web site:
ADK Membership
and specify New York as your local chapter.

         Nawakwa Status

Nawakwa Status entitles you to full access to and use of Camp Nawakwa at any time during the year in addition to attendance on organized weekends (special Permit is needed for use of camp in the off-season). The only additional costs are a one-time Applicant fee of $25 and, if you successfully qualify to be a Nawakwan (Key-holder member), $35 for a set of keys. For more information about the process of becoming a Key-holder, please see the Sponsor/Applicant Handbook link below. The Application for Nawakwa Membership is also linked below.

Nawakwa Sponsor/Applicant Handbook

Nawakwa Membership Application

For more information or answers to specific questions, please send an e-mail to the membership chair at