Hikes: Summer 2017

Hikes Chairperson: Glen Nison 718-625-2182 gnisonbike@juno.com
For listings of hikes not led by members of ADKNY, (and not necessarily qualifying) try these links:

Please check schedules of various public transportation options as fares and schedules may have changed.


Saturday, October 7 • Hudson River Trails      
Moderate 6-mile hike on trails next to or near the Hudson
River beginning and ending at Garrison train station. Train
riders take the 8:43am train from Grand Central (8:54am at
125th Street) to Garrison arriving at 10:01am. Drivers meet
the train riders in the southeast section of the large station
parking lot. The hike will include part of the historic trail
used by Benedict Arnold to escape to a British ship on the
Hudson after his plot to turn over to the British the plans
for West Point via John Andre had been uncovered and a few
interesting stands of bamboo trees.
Qualifying: Leader: John Lipsett 212-867-8280 work 212-
864-6109 home


Saturday, November 25 • Trail Clearing
Trail clearing on the RD trail, with the meeting place and
location of the work to be determined. All participants call
leader a few days in advance. Qualifying.
Qualifying: Leader: John Lipsett 212-867-8280 work 212-
864-6109 home