Events April–July 2017 (see Members Only to register)

Non-Key holders who wish to attend a hosted event, such as Applicants or Guests – Please contact David Miller for complete info.
David can be reached by phone at 516-316-7658 or email: 

May 6–7 • Spring Work Weekend
All hands on deck!
Healthy, tasty meals to nourish the body and Nawakwa spirit! A Saturday complimentary lunch will be provided for all volunteers by Alex Wilkie and Eve Mancuso. Stay for a hearty dinner. (Please specify if you want vegetarian or the carnivore option), salad, seasonal fruits. (Dinner will be prepared prior to workday, so there will be minimal dinner prep and easy clean up guaranteed.) Please register by 10 p.m. Thursday, May 4 and specify which meals and if you request vegetarian. 
Co-Hosts:  Alex Wilkie (Registrar) and Eve Mancuso: Call or text Alex Wilkie

May 13–14 • Mother’s Day Weekend

Midweek:  May 15 -19 •  Midweek Host:  Marilyn Varley
May 20 – 21 • CARETAKER HOST: Ludwig Hendel
May 27 – 29 •  Memorial Day Weekend
Come for the kick off to summer. Challenge the crisp waters of our beautiful lake. Seasonal delights both veg and meaty. Smoked joys, wings and veg. Mashed potatoes for all!! Salads styled old and new. We might even have time for a hike or two! Come open up your summer in your camp, a 91year old tradition renewed again, like the first time.
Registration Deadline:  Thursday, May 25th (9:00 p.m.).  Please specify days, which meals and if “omnivore” or vegetarian.
Host: Russell Silverman
June 3–4 • Annual AMC Invitational Weekend
Its time to again to welcome AMC members to Camp Nawakwa and to show them why becoming a keyholder can provide a new dimension to hiking, camping, swimming and boating in the NY/NJ area.  So please join us a fun filled weekend of hiking, swimming, kayaking and canoeing and updates on the benefits and responsibilities of being a keyholder and casual meals – Ingrid Strauch will be leading a hike into camp from Tuxedo on Saturday, Susanne will give a short tutorial on stress-free weekend hosting and Jerry will update guests on the process for becoming a keyholder.  Meals will be a cooperative effort under the supervision of Susanne.
Please specify number of meals and whether omnivore or vegetarian.  If you want to join the hike from Tuxedo to camp please let Jerry know and he will forward your name to Ingrid.  
Co-Hosts:  Jerry and Susanne Flower
June 10 – 11 • Mountain Laurel Weekend 
Enjoy the scenery of budding mountain laurels while hiking.  Stay for the weekend and enjoy dinner, and Sunday meals with co-hosts, Nina Ziv and Thom Duffy.  Email registration preferred.  Please register by Wed, June 7th @ 9:00 p.m.  Indicate which meals and if you request vegetarian meals.
Co-Hosts:  Nina Ziv and Thom Duffy  (Registrar)
Midweek:  June 12 – 16 •  Midweek Host:  Walter Jaeckel
June 17 – 18 • Father’s Day Weekend
It’s Father’s Day and Chef Don is getting decadent! Everything will be coming up ......... bacon and maple, for a sweet and savory dinner, breakfast, and hiker’s lunch. Vegetarians will not be disappointed. Please RSVP to Teri and Don by 10:00 pm, Thursday, June 15, 2017. Please specify the meals you will attend and vegetarian or carnivore.
Co-Hosts:  Don & Teri Gabel
June 24 – 25 • First Summer Weekend
Enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer at camp whether swimming, hiking or relaxing.  Grilled seasonal menu is guaranteed to satisfy hungry vegetarians and omnivores alike. When registering, please specify if you prefer vegetarian or chicken.  Please register by Thursday June 22 @ 9:00 p.m.
Co-Hosts:  Suzanne Rocheleau and Diane Booth (Registrar)

July 1– 4th •  Fourth ‘O July Weekend!
It’s a Four-Day Fourth!!  Join Laura Sunderlin and Daphne Prior for a long, laid-back, weekend of those traditional Nawakwan pursuits: hiking, boating, swimming, snoozing. Plenty of barbeque and other lazy, hazy delights.  Come for all or part of the weekend.  Registration Deadline is  Wednesday, June 28th  by 10:00 p.m.  Please no calls after 10:00 p.m.   If you leave a message, please make sure to say who you are, what meals you are signing up for and a number you can be reached at.  Please speak slowly and clearly.
Co Hosts:  Laura Sunderlin and Daphne Prior (Registrar)
(Please note for this event, registration is only via telephone.)